Creative Process



With a wealth of experience behind her, Marie knows design and space planning from the outside in. Each client, each project, every detail and every obstacle encountered along the way have helped her develop an intuitiveness for what is required and what works when creating a space.

With more than 40 years servicing her markets, Marie Wallace Design understands what her clients do, how they do it, and why it’s done that way. With each new project, her research is comprehensive, but her learning curve is concise.

From this level of experience, clients can expect a fluid design process that captures the intent from the preliminary plan submission.


The success of any design project is the result of thorough consultation, planning and comprehensive drawings, combined with the creativity to bring a client’s vision to life. Marie’s process begins with a thorough understanding of what the client needs the space to do, why that is so, and finally, how the client wants the space to look and feel.


Marie has the expertise to manage each step in the process, developing preliminary plans and working with City planners, architects and contractors, the trades, vendors and suppliers, providing clients a single point of contact and the peace of mind in knowing their interests are being represented at every stage


With experience translated into knowledge, Marie brings an uncommon degree of know-how and intuition to her commercial and residential clients’ design projects. By paying considerable attention to the research phase, Marie can identify direct and indirect factors that influence design and space planning decisions and contribute to a project’s success over the long term.


Designs by Marie Wallace deliver the Wow! factor, from style and theme to materials and colour. The designs she creates reflect the client’s vision, and showcase it to those who work, visit or reside in the space, adding the intangible element that makes the space just feel right.

Before I put pencil to paper and mouse to monitor, I like to minimize the number of preliminary mock-ups by finding out what I need to know that I don’t know in order to solve the design problem successfully.
— Marie Wallace

Recipe for Project Success

Marie Wallace Design and Space Planning gets to the core of a buildout or a renovation project through a five-phase process.


Phase 1 – Research

The research phase includes measuring the site and identifying the client’s explicit and inferred requirements for the project. Phase 1 delves into how a client works and lives and how they want their space to look and perform. The learning is incorporated into preliminary floor plan that emphasises workflow and the appropriate use of available space.

Phase 2 – Preliminary Design

A preliminary floor plan is prepared to scale, illustrating how the parts of the space functionally relate to one another. Because of the thoroughness Marie brings to the Research phase, she is usually able to get the preliminary design right on the first attempt.

Phase 3 – Design Development

Once the Preliminary Design is approved, the details are added in.

  • Colour and Finishes Scheme 

  • Construction Documents

  • Final Interior Documents

  • Preliminary Lighting Plans, Power Plans and Plumbing Fixture Schedule

Phase 4 – Bidding

The Bidding phase covers the preparation of tender documents and distribution to a list of preferred bidders. At tender close, bid charts are prepared for client review and the selection of a contractor.

Phase 5 – Construction

Work is closely monitored to ensure that construction activities are completed in general conformity with plans and specifications. Marie carries out site reviews at critical stages of the construction schedule. She also handles administrative tasks such as issuance of contemplated change orders, communication/correspondence among client, consultants, contractor, suppliers and authorities having jurisdiction.


The Creation Station

Marie Wallace Design and Space Planning gets to the core of a build-out or a renovation project through a five-phase process.